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Personhood from Stem Cells

Professor Pandit, Prof O’Shea and Ms Scott,

Initially a piece of glass stuck in a WW2 fighter pilot’s eye facilitated a new intervention by material science to improve human senses. The ability to create meat in the laboratory in the laboratory in Holland may have implications for the future of food production in the future. Enhancing blood flow into tissues is a further possibility.

Prof O’Shea concentrated on human capital in that older people should be cherished just as in Japan. Irish older volunteers contribute €2 billion annually to the Irish economy. Carers are invaluable in keeping older people out of hospital. The essence of the welfare society will be gone within a generation so start saving for the future.

Finally the census of the heart concentrated on how the people were and not who they are not 5 bedrooms et alius. 12,000 replied mostly by Iphone so that the results of how one is at 100 years from 1916 and now at 2016 and then in 2116.

We are conditioned by who, what, when, wherever we are. The generations from now on must be self sufficient and be aware of their future limitations for the secure future of mankind. An enhanced individual with the aid of bioscience will be more environmentally aware and prepared for a fully science based and supported future. The environment must be protected.

Source: Galway International Arts Festival, July 16, 2016

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