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Ireland in 2026

Ireland in 2026

Ireland will continue to be the growing tiger economy of the EU well into the next decade. Inward investment from multi-national companies attracted to Ireland by its location in the EU and the reserve of well educated young people, both guarantee a growing economy.

Ireland will not be a predominantly rural agricultural economy due to the presence of urban based high technology industries by 2026.

The Northern Ireland Assembly DUP 2 seat majority in a 108 seat assembly was revealed during 2016 as a weak majority when one DUP member was absent and another voted with the rest, namely SP, SDLP, Alliance, PBP and Independents to secure homosexual marriage rights. The DUP/UUP intransigence whereby they say no to everything and obstruct progress will be eroded. The British Government does not mention Northern Ireland in Parliament and the British Labour Party along with the British Conservative Party lack a presence in Northern Ireland and are concerned over the costly subsidy for the people of Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland will gain more from association with the Republic of Ireland than with the declining UK.

The UKEXIT will result in association status along with Andorra and Turkey. This is the appropriate status for the former British Empire which coloured one fifth of world red with blood and eliminated many native peoples and tribes.

The Dal Riada option whereby Scotland and Northern Ireland remain in the EU and England and Wales remain outside the EU is in practice replicating Denmark being in the EU and Greenland remains out again is repeated with France, New Caledonia and its overseas territories and Spain with its Atlantic islands.

6 million people left Ireland to enrich other countries between 1850 and 1950. Since 2002 Ireland has been a country of net immigration with Eastern Europeans enjoying their well deserved economic status. This 10% non native population will have a significant liberal influence on Ireland's decision making.

Ireland lacked an industrial revolution and has new clean industries well poised for the future.

Trump will be trumped by his own violence inciting rhetoric. Trumpery – worthless/tawdry - English dictionary definition.

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