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Finis Initium - Finish what is Started, Latin

Finis initium – Finish what is started, Latin

Nothing erodes the power of a bully as much as a victory by those he threatens.

The shouting, hectoring style of the incumbent, incompetent US President does not work in business and certainly not in politics. A three party US Congress of 20 hard right Freedom Caucus Republicans, combined with Democrats ensured the Republicans lacked the votes to bring in health care reform ensuring savings on health care cannot be used to increase the deficit and the US President is now seriously weakened.

The elite of billionaires, bigots, zenophobes and climate change deniers do not represent the ordinary people of the United States, ensuring a left wing socialist will, in time, arise and challenge the status quo.

The rhetoric, as US actress Jodie Foster, stated has been heard before: America First was trumpeted by Charles Lindbergh in the isolationist 1940s; US President Nixon claimed the free press was the enemy of the people which was followed by Watergate. This sounds so familiar. The false news and alternative facts serve to allow only news favourable to the incumbent US President is aired.

The incumbent, incompetent US President has left the State Department, which deals with US foreign affairs, without new appointments. Both the taciturn Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and General Matis, Secretary of Defense are isolated figures as few appointments have been made to the US cabinet. The man in charge of the US Armed Forces, yes the Commander-in-Chief, who is in charge of 7,000 nuclear weapons, could talk the US into an unwanted war with North Korea. Military commanders are uneasy with a US President who is aggressive in speech, then vacillates and feigns lack of interest and is the only US President since Eisenhower to disparage NATO and the EU yet praises Russia. The incompetent incumbent US President authorised an attack on a Syrian Air Force base without consulting Congress.

Alternative facts

Paul Manafort the former campaign manager for the republican candidate secretly worked for Oleg Deripaska to aid Putin’s ascent to power;

Carter Page, a Republican adviser visited Moscow during the US Presidential campaign;

Page and Putin aide Igor Sechlin met;

The sudden change in Republican stance towards Russian aggression against Ukraine was noted after these meetings;

Payments to Paul Manafort came from pro-Russian factions in Ukraine;

The timing of the Clinton email leaks immediately after meetings with the Russian ambassador at the Republican National Convention;

Roger Stone Republican advisor claimed he spoke to Julian Assange prior to the Democratic National Convention email leaks;

Michael Flynn was paid by Russia and failed to disclose this alternative fact;

Jared Kushner will be questioned about meetings he arranged with Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak;

Trump World Tower was rescued by Uzbek and Ukrainian money when the owner needed investment at a time of financial vulnerability.

The FBI and National security Agency are investigating Trump’s links to the Russian government since October 2016, this is unprecedented.


Sunday Times various authors all the same theme.

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