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Islam, Ireland and Islamic Jihad

The Koran, strict transliteration, Qur'an, is the word of God revealed in Arabic by the archangel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad and thence to mankind. Muhammad's Qur'an is the final expression of God's message to mankind. The Qur'an, a difficult read, contains highly charged language. Old Testament stories: Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael Solomon and David dominate the narrative in the Qur'an with Moses and Abraham significant figures. Mary and the birth of Jesus are treated as God's prophets. The Qur'an is the word of God. The Qur'an is divided into 114 chapters/suras of unequal length. The Qur'an is designed for recitation to an audience which highlights strands of thought not apparent in silent reading. Muslims do not accept the English translation of the Qur'an. The Qur'an is based on revelations made to Muhammad between 610AD and up to Muhammad's death in 632AD.

Sura 3: 'Who desireth any other religion than Islam, that religion shall never be accepted from him.'

Sura 61: 'God, he may make it victorious over every other religion.'

Sura 16: 'What can the infidels expect but that the angel of death come upon them.'

The strife between Shia and Sunni commenced after Muhammad's death with Abu Bakr the Prophet's father-in-law becoming the first caliph, another group wanted Ali, Muhammad's son-in-law to succeed, these were the Shia Ali or partisans of Ali. The Sunni saw themselves as orthodox, the Shia felt ignored.

Ali was assassinated. Hassan, Ali's son did not challenge the caliph, however, Hussain, his younger brother fought the caliph at Kerbala and was defeated and executed. Hussain's death is re-enacted at the ceremony of Ashurah, annually. Islam spread rapidly, through military campaigns, from the Middle East to Europe and in particular to Spain. El Cid defeated and expelled the Moors. Granada, Spain retains its Moorish architecture.

The three Halawa sisters and their brother Ibrahim joined a street demonstration in Cairo which led to all four being arrested and detained by President Al-Sisi’s forces. The Halawa sisters were released only to foment a campaign to release their brother Ibrahim Halawa without revealing their ardent support for the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

The Halawas, all four, addressed a crowd of 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood supporters, there is documentary proof of this meeting in Cairo. They were arrested by the Egyptian authorities for supporting the banned Muslim Brotherhood former president Morsi. Their father, Imam Hussein Halawa, is the supreme Muslim Brotherhood cleric in Ireland and general secretary of the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR) which is based at Clonskeagh mosque. The ECFR president is Yusuf al-Qaradawi, an extremist cleric, currently banned from the US, France, UK and Ireland, because he supports terror campaigns against Israel. The ECFR supports the fatwas of al-Qaradawi who advocates gays and apostates should be executed.The Muslim Brotherhood supports Sharia law and is the origin of al-Qaeda. The Halawa sisters regularly display photographs of former Egyptian President Morsi in Ireland and Egypt and are ardent supporters of Hamas. Anyone walking in the vicinity of this mosque notes no one attending the Clonskeagh mosque smiles or greets the locals. Muslims describe the Clonskeagh mosque as the Ikhwani mosque or Muslim Brotherhood mosque. Hate preaching Imams, named by the Sunday Times preached in the Clonskeagh mosque in 2007. The misguided attendance at a Muslim Brotherhood demonstration in Egypt is the reason Ibrahim Halawa is currently detained in prison in Egypt. The Halawa circus is an abuse of the western liberal enlightenment in Ireland which allows people of all religions to live and thrive in a free and liberal society.

There are four branches of Islam in Ireland; Sunni, Shi'ite, Sufi and Ahmadiyya each run their own mosques, prayer rooms and madrassas throughout the country. People who join Islamic State and al-Qaeda are usually followers of Salafism or Wahhabism puritanical Islam who despise western culture and its values. 53% of muslims resident in Ireland demand Sharia Law. There are c.150 jihadists in Ireland who move freely between Ireland and the UK. The 9,000 man Irish Defence Force and an Garda Siochána with 13,000 members cannot deal with Islamic jihadists.

Curiously, the Templars introduced rites from the East into their Christianity, their Grand Master Simon de Montferrat wanted to fuse the Islamic East with the Christian West which would have unified the World.

US Armed Forces, Major General Mattis stated he did not have to apologise for the conduct of his men in Iraq. US Armed Forces in Iraq created created long term resentment throughout the Middle East. Mattis is the current US Defense Secretary in 2017. Iraq, a Sunnis state, became a Shi'ite state allied with Iran following the US/UK illegal invasion of Iraq, 2003. Saudi Arabia foments anti-western Salafist Wahhabism worldwide. Sunni Saudi Arabia fights Shia Iran in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Qatar wants to rebuild Syria post al-Assad which caused Saudi Arabia and other states to ostracise Qatar.


The Koran, Phoenix, 1994

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