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How was the current incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue elected, November 2016?

The Republican party, out of power since 2008 celebrated the current incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue's victory with great enthusiasm including those who did not vote Republican. US journalists did not foresee a Republican victory, whereas, US based European journalists predicted a Republican victory.

How did US voters react to the Republican candidate whose campaign resembled Sanders ad hoc campaign where the Republican addressed a crowd with whatever came into his head and left?

The Republican candidate highlighted the inequality created since 2003 by the financial crash and exploited the inequality which he exploited for his successful campaign. The self centred personal security aspect whereby weapons can be carried concealed in universities could result in lecturers being shot in response to allocating poor grades; why should I pay health care for a woman to have a baby?; trickling down from this self orientation means that the individual must succeed by his own effort, this does not augur well for US society. The response to Breitbart's complaint about Shakespeare's Julius Caesar where Caesar resembled the current incumbent in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was alarming with death threats sent to a bookshop of the same name. Who is Shakespeare?

The appointment of Sessions and de Voss thorough ideologues ensured the apprentice system for mechanics and plumbers are being dismantled. The cost of a third level education at $50,000 per year is so exclusive that anyone denied a third level education is excluded from so many aspects of US society.

There was no voice in the republican candidates head telling him how to get elected, he concentrated on the Purple States neither strongly Republican nor Democrat and lacking Clinton posters that is how he won. Those 30% of US citizens left behind since 2003, the inequalities Obama did not address these unfortunates were the winning of the US Presidency in 2016.

A twitter with 35 million followers; no serious political debate in the US; the reactive tendency of US voters all combined for a Republican victory. Republican and Democratic party politics are in turmoil.

The current incumbent of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue brought hatred of Mexicans and Women; fear of deportation; insecurity; criticism of NATO; praise of NATO; condemnation of Muslims; a visit to a conference of 54 Muslim nations; condemnation of Paris; praise of Pittsburgh; a visit to Macron in Paris who quotes Moliére from memory, and crucially climate change denial.

The US the land of the free is now the land of billionaires, bigots, narcissists, climate change deniers resulting in a power vacuum. The 25th amendment of the US constitution deserves some scrutiny.


The Powerful Effect a conversation with Colm Tóibín and Catriona Perry, First Thought Talks, Galway International Arts Festival 2017.

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