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France has a battle plan costing €295 billion euro 2019-25

National defence costing almost €300 billion by 2025 is a colossal undertaking. At least 2% of the interior budget will be spent on the French defence forces and the manner in which this money will be spent and was presented to the Council of Ministers on February 8, 2018.

Minister for Defence, Mde Florence Parly states the objective is to regenerate the French Army following a decade of budget reductions, equipment upgrades and training to NATO standards with strategic autonomy a consideration.

The victims of the attacks in 2015 and 2016 did not die for nothing with the return to a position of strength is welcome. Annual expenditure currently at €34 billion will increase to €44 each year from 2019 onwards. A meeting will take place to ensure the macroeconomics of 2024 and 2025 will be on target financially. The land army will have proper equipment with materials costing €1 billion annually. Armoured vehicles and other priorities will be provided. investment in the Marine particularly the provision of 4 attack submarines and three frigates will be provided. At least 12 aircraft will be provided for the Air Force. €37 billion will be spent on nuclear deterrents as yet unspecified.

New surveillance satellites are due to launched and eight surveillance aircraft will be provided. €1.6 billion will be spent on cyber defence. French military bases in Africa will be reinforced. A superior operational future with a successor to the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle a futuristic air combat system and a main battle tank are being developed.

Source: Un plan de bataille á 295 milliards d'euros; Le Monde, Mercredi 9 Fevrier 2018

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