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The Netherlands Parliament adopt a law against the perpetrators of the MH17 airline crash.

The process to find those responsible for shooting down Malaysia Airlines MH17 is centred on the Netherlands.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 the Netherlands adopted a law for the future process to find the perpetrators who caused the crash of MH17, July 17, 2014, on the separatist territory of Donbass, east Ukraine. The process will trace the the agents who fired the missile, their co-conspirators and accomplices. The text outlines that this will be conducted by a Netherlands tribunal in the name of the 298 victims and issued by ten 'nations in tears.'

In July 2015, Russia opposed an international tribunal supported by the UN however the idea of an international multilateral jurisdiction was finally organised by the Netherlands, the country most affected by the Netherlands, the country most affected with 193 killed. The Conjoint International Inquiry (CII) procured investigators from the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, and Malaysia and were on the ground by August 2014. The Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight was struck by a missile fired by an anti-aircraft type Buk missile, fired from a field near Pervomaiski, in the Donetsk region, held by pro-Russian


Russia persisted that the responsibility for the crash was due to a Ukrainian aircraft, Russia did not dispute the type of missile of Soviet manufacture but maintained it was fired by the Ukrainian Army and that it was fired from Ukrainian held territory.

On May 24 the CII concluded the missile was launched by the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade from Kursk, in Russia that it had been moved one day earlier. A few hours after this announcement, the Hague and Canberra supported by the EU, NATO and the United States officially accused the Russian state. They demanded of Moscow to recognise its responsibilities and accept the international implications to determine the mounting crisis. Two of the five countries participating in the inquiry denounced the non co-operation of a state in the contravention of a resolution adopted by the UN shortly after the event.

On May 31, during the Parliamentary debate an MP demanded that the Ukraine must be held responsible for keeping their airspace open despite several military emplacements were destroyed since the beginning of July 2014. This was dismissed as having no legal basis. Equally, Malaysia who allowed overflights of a combat zone were also held responsible.

On delivering final conclusions, the Netherlands Attorney General, launched an appeal to identify the those responsible for the atrocity and to give final orders. The pseudonym 'Orion' was heard on a telephone call intercepted by Ukrainian security services and must be identified.

A Russian GRU officer is responsible for the supervision and transport of arms in the separatist region despite Russia denying human and material support to East Ukraine. The CII inquirers identify some suspects and certain individuals.

Will the accused attend the Netherlands tribunal? Should Kiev allow the Netherlands the responsibility of the judicial process its constitution does not allow the extradition of suspects which comprises pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk. The Netherlands expect them to appear voluntarily with a promise of clemency. The Ukraine retains the right to extradite Russians captured on their territory. Moscow will oppose this proposal. Another alternative - evidence given by video conference. The potential for those condemned to serve their prison terms in the Ukraine has neither a date or a place yet designated.

Source: Le Parlement néerlandais va adopter une loi pour juger les auteurs du crash du MH17, Le Monde, International. Mardi 5 Juin, 2018

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