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The aspiring US autocrat lacks the ideology, intellect and discipline to achieve his aim.

Sales of George Orwell's satirical novel, '1984' increased in response to the calumny and surreal declarations of the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, USA. This incumbent's rise confirms that US society is in the midst of a major ideological readjustment due to the deteriorating state of the standard of living, the explosive growth of income inequality, and the many other economic and social ills facing the country during the Anthropocene.

Obama's era of hope and change - when this disappeared and disillusionment set in - voters switched to the conman who declared he would restore what they have lost.

US history as a settler-colonial and slave society has left its social and cultural legacy, such as the unusual role of religious fundamentalism - 'Gawd will fix climate change'. The Republican Party is not a normal political party, closely resembling the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland consistently voting NO and offering no viable alternative. The current US cabinet is composed of billionaires, carpenters, plumbers builders and teachers need not apply.

There is growing realisation that increased military spending, lower taxes for the rich, with no new revenue sources ensures there is little left for any government programme that could benefit the general population of the world. James Madison, a founding father of the United States believed in democracy however he believed the political system should be in the hands of the wealthy, because 'they are the more responsible of men', the US Senate was not elected then, it was selected from men of wealth and property. Hamilton, another founding father, stated 'the mass of people ...seldom judge or determine right'. The current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, USA has not read Madison or Hamilton. The consistent unpredictability of this president ensures countries will seek other states for support on liberal values and human rights such stalwarts as China, India, Pakistan and Iran. Incidentally, no one wins a trade war, particularly with China, redneck North Carolina and West Virginia farmers' tobacco and pork exports to China have declined by 98% and 26% respectively within the last year.

The most transparent US president, we cannot see his tax returns, is paradoxically quite easily played. A hater of women, immigrants, Mexicans and homosexuals whilst a confirmed white supremacist, cannot 'represent all Americans'. Commonsense will prevail, eventually.

Source: Optimism over Despair, Noam Chomsky, A Penguin Special, 2017.

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