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Novel Corona Virus Pandemic, Covid-19

Chaos in China

This New Corona Virus originated in Wuhan city c. 31 December 2019. The virus was isolated, identified as SARS-Cov-2 and is related to SARS of 2002 but less contagious and notified worldwide unlike the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak in 2002. The number of deaths from Covid-19 at 5% is less than SARS of 2003 at 9.6%. Deaths reached c.1,600,000 with c. 45 million cases worldwide by October 19, ensures a 4.6% mortality rate. 307,000 cases were reported to the WHO, during one day period, September 14, 2020, the outbreak is clearly out of control in North and South America. Covid-19 is in every continent except Antarctica. A more refined test for Covid-19 resulted in a sharp increase in deaths. Western countries evacuated their citizens from Wuhan. Treatment primarily depends on isolating the infected patient which required China to build 2x 1,000 bed hospitals within two weeks. New Corona Virus may have originated c. December 8 2019 according to a Chinese Doctor, since deceased. Was Covid-19 released from the Centre for Disease Control Wuhan/a laboratory/a morgue?

A worldwide medical emergency for Covid-19 was declared January 31, 2020. Covid-19 is present in all Chinese provinces with probably millions infected and person to person transmission a factor. The elderly and those with underlying conditions are at risk from Covid-19. Irresponsible people spread this infection with a non-caring attitude. China is managing Covid-19 quite well April 2020 or so we are led to believe.

Covid-19 causes viral pneumonia, those infected develop a cough, fever and breathing difficulties, essentially viral pneumonia. Goblet cells and cilia cells in the lungs are targeted by the virus and cannot clear the airways resulting in congested lungs and death. Hospital admissions secure breathing support and fluids. Recovery depends on the strength of the patient's immune system. The Chinese New Year, the year of the Rat, ensured airports were a focus for the spread of the virus worldwide. Globalisation is the cause of Covid-19 spreading.

The total amount of people in China infected with Covid-19 is unknown because hundreds of people with pneumonia symptoms were turned away from hospitals due to a lack of hospital beds. The wildlife market where the first victims were infected is located beside the high speed railway station where trains leave for Hong Kong and cities throughout China. A travel ban and lock down of populations were imposed and arrested the spread of Covid-19. The transmission of Covid-19 has a person to person element with carriers without symptoms infecting millions of people.

This is an entirely new respiratory virus about which very little is known. The doubling effect due to the 12 day incubation period has become apparent. The panic and hysteria is difficult to deal with. The Tokyo Olympics are deferred until 2021. A pandemic describes Covid-19 appearing in many countries without direct contact.

The daily doubling of Covid-19 in Ireland by early April was due to the 12 day incubation period of the virus and is similar to the Italian situation. 61 million people in Italy were in lock-down. The distancing factor on the island of Ireland is crucial to contain Covid-19. A interferon type treatment from SARS may interdict viral transmission.

Donny from Queens banned all EU travel to the US, this unilateral ban without consultation undermined the stock markets. Donny from Queens threatened funding for WHO - thereby encouraging other countries to donate and so isolating Donny from Queens, whose daily spectacle of embracing fantasies, deceits and absurdities of the most pernicious kind, in contradiction of any evidence confirms his unhinged state of mind.

Donny from Queens took chloroquinone (erythromycin), without prescription potentially harming to his avid followers. Did Donny contract Covid-19?

8 million deaths from MDR Tuberculosis and 2 million deaths from Malaria and unknown numbers dying from HIV-Aids annually confirms there are no vaccines for these diseases and place Covid-19 into perspective. SARS, MERS, MDR Tuberculosis and a recent Hanta Virus outbreak in China from rats reminds us that the world will continue without us.

There will be no resolution until a Covid-19 vaccine is developed. A vaccine is not imminent. A gradual easing of the 'lockdowns' may result in an increase in Covid-19 cases.

Source:- Coronavirus; que sait-on de L'épidémie? le Monde Jeudi 27 Fevrier

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