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Chekist Colonel Putin invaded Ukraine, February 2022

Russia provided 3 days rations, intending to take Kyiv airport, land paratroopers, take Kyiv assassinate Zelensky and replace him with a puppet. This plan failed. Russia lost16,000 soldiers killed, 12,000 wounded (Komsomalaya Gazeta) by March 23, 2022, their advance from north, south and east has slowed. Ukrainian forces are fighting Russian forces to a standstill. Russia's appeal to China for military aid to subdue Ukraine March 14 confirms the collapse of the Russian state, this aid if secured brings us to an Orwellian World War.

An isolated Putin's battle plan with the logistical support column stalled north of Kiev, illustrates the chaos and confusion of this Russian illegal invasion of Ukraine. An initial issue of three days food and fuel has proved inadequate. Professional soldiers deal with logistics, amateur soldiers deal with tactics. The expected 3 days to take Kiev and Kharkhov has failed. This column may be stalled by a cyber attack or it may be the usual Russian inefficiency. The stalled convoy attacked by Ukrainian forces may indicate a change of tactic by Russian forces, their conscripts may be unreliable or Russians do not want to kill relatives in Ukraine. Russia will introduce conscription shortly. A Major General shot by a sniper reminds us of Chechnya in the 1990s when generals had to lead Russian recruits into slaughter. Major General Gerassimov was killed in Kharkov March 7, clearly illustrating poor Russian command of unwilling conscripts or communications interdicted by Ukrainian drones, built in Turkey, are destroying Russian artillery and missile sites and slow flying helicopters. Russian forces are hated.

Putin took Crimea from Ukraine in 2014 without interference from Western countries. Sanctions imposed on Russia have not deterred Chekist Colonel Putin. The invasion of Ukraine was preceded by an attack on Ukraine's infrastructure, this happened during the weekend of 15-17/1/2022. The pretext for the invasion was a provocation of Russian speaking settlers in the Donbass region of Ukraine. Stalin ensured Russian settlers diluted the native populations of former Soviet republics. Russia has been at war with Ukraine since 2014 with Russian speakers ensuring there is no respite from this war of attrition. The Donbass region is ungovernable.

Russia landed fighter jets in Kaliningrad through Belarus airspace and so threatens Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. China is in dispute with Lithuania and has blockaded Klepeida port, the former Memel, East Prussia with little interference from the Western countries to which Lithuania is allied. Chekist Colonel Putin is aware of the changes in Germany's government where Merkel dealt directly with Chekist Colonel Putin and to some extent ameliorated him with her persuasive powers. Kanzler Scholz ensured military supplies were sent Ukrainian Army units. Chekist Colonel Putin wants to restore the Russian Empire which held eastern Europe under such cruel control and used the GULAG system to imprison 62 million Russians and East Europeans from 1934 to 1970 for no reason with people arrested on a whim if they spoke against the regime.

Chekist Colonel Putin, a thief and a bully is the richest man who has ever lived. Russia is a post mafia state a kleptocracy with Chekist Colonel stealing oil and gas concerns as his private personal property. Chekist Colonel Putin kills all opponents to his regime cf Litvinenko, Anna Politovskaya, Skripal and many others. Putin is isolated with the world fully united against him. Putin cannot afford this war.

How will this end? The attempted recreation of the Russian Empire is noted by authoritarian regimes worldwide. Western powers have acted in unison with Russia's economy in free-fall. Russia will not win. The West's useful idiots, Farrage, Joris Bohnson, Trump and Urban turned against Putin.

Putin, the serial aggressor destroying Chechnya, Georgia and now Ukraine. Putin is much weaker than the West, Putin has $620 billion, sanctions have blocked Putin's access to this cash reserve, but with war costing $1 billion per day, Putin can only afford a very short campaign. Digging up Russia and selling to the world is not conducive to a secure economy. The West is very strong. Both Belarus and Kazakhstan are in turmoil. Every time Putin invades a country his approval ratings rise. Failure, with increased sanctions, means goodbye Putin.

7 dead generals; Russian soldiers refusing to obey orders; a bounty of $10,000 per tank and guaranteed citizenship and a failure to take Kyiv ensures fighting this senseless war will lead the moral collapse of the Russian army.

Putin wants a deal? No deal is possible without Ukrainian territorial integrity, a base inside Ukraine will lead to further war with brutal Russian tactics to the fore. Yes, but sanctions remain until Putin is delivered to The Hague to answer for war crimes!

Sourced: Newspaper and Television reports.


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