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Evgeni Bessanov and Anton Meiser, Eastern Ukraine, Aug-Nov 1943

War in the east proved horrendously costly and characterised by unparalleled brutality in particular against the civilian population and prisoners of war.

Bessanov spent one year in military service mostly training until he was sent to the Bryansk front July 1943 as platoon commander 4thTank Army. At first, he experienced no action, then, in the middle of August the unit he belonged to moved forward to attack, he was in command of 2nd platoon and did not know the men subordinate to him. Bessanov formed a line to attack a hill occupied by the Germans. s, trained to order ‘Forward, run’. Nobody followed Bessanov’s order. Bessanov’s men had taken cover in a ravine and were digging in. The following day orders were given to advance on the hill the attack failed again. Support from three T-34s was ineffective. German artillery and air strikes decimated the Red Army soldiers. War was a terrifying experience for the millions of green replacements in the Red Army.

Anton Meiser served in the 79th Infantry Division I 1940 when he was seriously wounded. Following five months in various hospitals he spent three years in Metz and Nancy, eastern France until he was detailed to the new 389th Division he served as NCO in the 389th Artillery Regiment in Olyanino. General Kruse drove forward with Meiser as artillery observer and were under fire from Katyusha rocket launchers. Meiser called for fire in response with correctly aimed fire which silenced the rocket launchers. Suddenly, the Soviet mass stormed forward, it appeared that the German infantry froze in fear. Almost immediately, the characteristic sound of rapid firing double barrelled MG42 machine guns was heard, the assault came to a halt. The Soviet troops withdrew, the terrain offered no cover, the retreat became costly.

The contrast between German firepower accuracy and the indiscipline of Russian troops continues in 2022.

Russia is doomed to lose this war.

40 high ranking Russian soldiers were killed on front line operations, the Donbas offensive after one week of artillery and missiles attacks mostly strike empty trenches. 30x 1000 Russian soldiers defeated near Kyiv and 48x1000 conscripts, middle aged men and Chechen thugs will not mix well. Armour, confined to the roads will be destroyed because there are 10 anti-tank weapons for every Russian tank in Ukraine. Ukrainian anti-tank weapons strike fuel, ammunition and fuel supplies daily with the Mariupol massacre of civilians clearly visible in mass graves north of Mariupol. The Crimea bridge is vulnerable. Putin and named generals will face the International Criminal Court in The Hague

Kriegsverbrecher Putin, when he loses this war will be considerably weakened. He must make room for another strongman or real democracy.

Source: Anlagen zum KTB III. Pz Korps Ia Tagesmeldungen der Div. am 6.2.44, T314, R208,F000541

The Korsun Pocket, The Encirclement and Breakout of a German Army in the East, 1944, Casemate, N Zetterling and A Frankson


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