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Politics in Modern Times

Denial of election results, personal insults, the ominous indictments, the support of republican candidates

who support false claims of a stolen election, the Manhattan Man, who dominated the republican party, is passé.

de Santis will lead republicans in a new direction.

Why should a person in a secure job enter politics when all political careers end in abject failure?

'The language of priorities is the religion of socialism', Aneurin Bevan, 1949.

'Whenever a man casts a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct'. Thomas Jefferson.

'There is a tide in the affairs of men'. Brutus advice to Cassius.

'Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his friends for his life'. Jeremy Thorpe on Harold MacMillian's decision to jettison 7 members of his cabinet, July 1962.

'In the moment of supreme triumph, decline begins to do his work.' Lord Beaverbrook on Heath and Douglas-Home on leaving no.10 Downing Street in good shape.

Politics is about selling your voters illusions, politicians can deny reality. John Alderdice.

Most politicians are good people. Those, like Baldwin, who appear normal are in fact the oddest. Most politicians are both cynical and idealistic, self-centred and disinterested, candid and cunning. They are prone to flattery, rivalling actors in their ability to talk about themselves and change any discussion into examining their own ego. I recognise these attributes in myself. Humphry Berkeley, MP.

In the words of Goethe, his compact with the devil would mean giving up his soul: ' Verweile doch, dann magst du mich in Feseln schlagen, dann will ich gern zu grunde gehen; Remain, then bind me with fetters on the day I will gladly perish'

A former US president, a man lacking any political experience, and it showed, as ever voicing his nationalistic urge, is based firmly on the Nietzschean principle that what was good for the individual was good for the country and not vice versa. Claiming victory in 2016 and 2020 means that Donny from Queens cannot undertake a third term.

A former US president, clearly had his ambition paid for by the suffering of others - low paid workers-, almost like the theme of Ibsen's Play, - The Master Builder. A former US president, clearly unable to mask his emotions, ensured the distinction between personality and leadership was sharply defined by his actions. 'Upon such a shrine, what are our petty griefs? Let me not number mine' - Childe Harold (Byron). Is there more pain than pleasure in life, more suffering than enjoyment?' The most difficult thing in life is to live and not to lie - and not to believe in one's own lies' - Dostoievsky. Ibsen said that the man is strongest who stands most alone not one who is isolated.

The Manhattan man, aka the former US president, who failed twice to ban Muslims from travelling to the United States, visited the Saudi Arabian state as a peacemaker. The Saudis whose Wahabbism radicalises militant Muslims rankles - 'Beautiful weapons made in the USA.' 'Islamic terrorists are evil losers' when the real losers are the civilians in Syria contending with 2,000 armed groups rebelling against the murderous al Assad regime. US policies in the Middle East led to the current refugee crisis. The ranting of a past US president should not be used to undermine US democracy. The threatened return of a failed autocrat is a glaring affront to democracy. Autocracy is in retreat in Iran, China and Brazil.

A former UK politician was praised by a passer-by in a hotel who said he was sorry he was no longer UK Prime Minister, he was then reminded of his unhappy time in office. So much strife for so little praise.

Sources:- Sunday Times, Irish Times


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