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Putin has lost his 'Noble War' in Ukraine

Ukrainian armoured troops pass a destroyed Russian tank north of Kyiv

The initial three day battle for Kyiv when president Zelensky was due to be deposed and a new puppet government installed has now deteriorated into a meat-grinder, 8 week battle of attrition.

21,500 Russian soldiers were killed north of Kyiv. Russian armed forces lost 460 tanks and 2,000 armoured vehicles, many were recovered and re-flagged by the Ukrainian Army. Russian armoured columns were decimated by well trained almost silent c. 2,000 Javelin anti-tank wielding Ukrainian soldiers. NLAWs and Starstreak missiles, along with 200 Switchblade anti-tank drone firing missiles, will make their mark against massed Russian armour in the coming conflict. Russian soldiers do not want to die for Putin, relying on heavy artillery to clear Ukrainian positions. Ukrainians, well entrenched in layers of trenches, repeatedly mow down advancing Russian soldiers. Russian POWs cry for their mothers.

The experience of civilians captured by Russian soldiers where rape, looting, extra-judicial killings and massacres are well documented and filmed ensures these soldiers whose names and where they live in Russia are known will be pursued for war crimes. Targeting civilian apartments and using hunger as a weapon are confirmed war crimes. Captain General Dvornikov and Putin are fully aware killing Ukrainians is not the same as killing Syrians.

The 30x1000 Russian soldiers defeated at Kyiv are so mauled that mixing them with 48x1000 new troops now engaged in Donbas will not mix well. The 800 destroyed tanks and armoured vehicles destroyed at Kyiv ensures the 800 T72 tanks remaining at Donbas is not sufficient to take on Ukrainian troops, trained by western countries, with 10 times the anti-tank weapons for every single Russian tank remaining on the battlefield. Russian armour, again pony trekking on the roads in Donbas, are targets for heavy artillery, 500 Ukrainian tanks - almost at parity, anti-tank weapons and determined well trained Ukrainian troops.

Ukraine spurred on by the defeat of the Russian army at Kyiv are capable of counter strike operations. The destruction of fuel, ammunition and food convoys is happening now in Donbas. Demoralised defeated troops do not fight well. Putin knows nothing of the war in Ukraine including the fighting qualities of these Ukrainian, well trained troops. An ignominious retreat to the Russian border is the next step. Russia hated by Ukrainians cannot hold Ukrainian territory.

History repeats itself. Putin, like Trump, knows no history. The thorough defeat of the Russian fleet by Japan 1905 prompted the 1904/5 revolution in Russia with a change of government. The defeat of 250,000 Russian soldiers in the Winter War 1939/40 eastern Finland by 50,000 Finnish soldiers ensured a catastrophic defeat for Stalin. A repeat defeat for Stalin at Tala-Ilhantala, Finland, July 1944 forced an armistice. Putin will be deposed.


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