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Russia repeats history in Kharkhov, Ukraine 1943, and 2024

Generalfeldmarshall von Manstein applied tried and tested counter-strike operations to destroy Marshal Zhukhov's forces to the west of Kharkhov March 1943 and thereby extended WW2 by 6 months. The 4th Panzer Army destroyed the Third Soviet Tank Army on the Berestovaya southwest of Kharkhov by March 5 with the remnants surrounded at Krasnograd. Army Detachment Kempf at Poltava and Akhtyrka was under attack, however, the SS Panzer Corps attacked from Krasnograd and along with Army Detachment Kempf they forced 2 Guards Tank Corps to withdraw from Kharkhov. On March 14, SS Panzer Corps took Kharkhov without opposition. Gross Deutschland Division took Belgorod. Army Group was now in possession of the entire Donetz front from Belgorod to the Mius. The Red Army was in disarray.

Kharkhov, March 1943, evincing the usual Russian destructive practices

Oligarchs and senior Russian Army Generals will end Putin's ( he is being treated for thyroid cancer with attendant 'moon face') murderous regime of killing civilians particularly children. Russian soldiers fearing death create a wasteland with artillery then claim the resulting wasteland. Beware of who rules Russia next. cf 1905/1907/1917 revolutions the Russian Civil War, Stalin's purges and the 1930's famine in Ukraine which killed 3 million. The 1940 Russian annexation of the Baltic states, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, is remembered for Russians stealing private property, confiscations and 50,000 Lithuanians incarcerated in the GULAGs for decades. The 1940/41 murder of 15,000 Polish Army officers Katyn forest near Smolensk confirms current Russian brutality. The suspicious Polish Airlines crash at 2010 Smolensk memorial, President Kucsinski and 70 officials died, Russia destroyed the evidence of the 'crash'. US mobile air defence counter Russian missiles, NATO defence systems, if located in Ukraine, will incur unstable Putin's WW3 scenario.

7 Russian Major Generals killed in action; $10,000 bounty paid for a T80 tank plus the granting of Ukrainian citizenship; Russian soldiers refusing direct orders, cannot hold captured territory, Russia is hated by residents; Russian thugs, murderers and rapists who delight in killing civilians, will hasten the moral collapse of Putin's murderous Russian army replete with rebellious conscripts. Atrocities in Bucha, Ukraine will be revealed time and again is a clear message from Tsar Putin - defy me and you will be brutally killed!

Calling up 134,500 recruits, demands 6 months training. Putin's demand for payment in Rubles confirms western sanctions are working. A Russian general, the destroyer of Aleppo and Mariupol, withdrew troops from Kyiv whilst preparing to attack Kyiv again. A warning from history, Napoleon's campaign in Russia, 1812, failed because the Russian government remained unyielding and had the support of the people. Remarkable intelligence failures, overestimation of Russia's forces' capabilities, the unified sanctions against Russia, the EU and NATO are united against Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine. The entire world is against Russia.

Russian troops northeast of Kharkhov, May 15, 2024, are trying to discourage attacks on Belgorod by destroying villages on the Russian/Ukraine border, 35,000 Russians are insufficient to take Kharkhov, they lack shelter or defences and skilled Ukrainian propellor driven drones will destroy poorly deployed Russian troops.

The US and its allies supply weapons to Ukraine who destroy Russian weaponry in Ukraine. The Russian Army is not a uniform cohesive force. This invasion is a feint.

Source: Sunday Times, Channel 4, Bundesarchiv, Verlorene Siege, Generalfeldmarshall Erich von Manstein.


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