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Salafi-Jihadis will be defeated

Taliban occupy Afghanistan, August, 2021

Al-Qaedaism is more of a threat to Islam with false propaganda rather than threatening the West or the US.

Al-Qaeda killed people in the US, London, Egypt, East Africa, Madrid, Casablanca, Istanbul, Luxor, Afghanistan, North Africa and other countries for what end result?

Al-Qaeda, initially the Mujahadeen, latterly Salafi-Jihadi, was created and armed by the US in order to remove the Soviet Union from Afghanistan, the claim that Al-Qaeda removed the Soviet Union from Afghanistan is plainly incorrect. The Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in good order leaving a functioning government and a stable 300,000 man Afghan Army which endured 3 years. The US withdrawal from Afghanistan August 2021 did not reflect well on the 20 year support of Afghanistan. The Taliban return is threatened by ISIS-K. Foreign fighters are flocking to Afghanistan, a collapsing state.

The claim that the US is a 'paper tiger' is incorrect. Al-Qaeda, Mao Tse Dong and Hitler all underestimated the US and this was their undoing.

The claim the US cannot take casualties is based again on a false premise. The US withdrew from Somalia and Lebanon due to the limits of humanitarian operations. Higher US casualties in Vietnam and Korea ensured the US stayed due to more important causes. Battle reports of 83 amphibious landings and severe casualties underlined the US commitment to defeat Japan in the Pacific during World War 2.

Al-Qaeda carried out the September 11, 2001 attack on the US under the false assumption that the US would not attack Afghanistan expecting it would be defeated in a guerrilla war. In 2002 the US invaded Afghanistan, the US 10th Mountain Division annihilated Al-Qaeda in the Tora Bora mountains. The remnants along with Osama bin Laden sought refuge in the tribal regions of Pakistan.

The assumption that the EU will collapse again is inherently incorrect. The EU will fight and interdict attempts by Salafi-Jihadi to recover al-Andalus and other EU territories including the world's oil resources. The EU involvement in dealing with Serb nationalism during 1991-95 is well proven.

Salafi-Jihadi expectation that Islamic governments supported by the West and or the US will fall suggests bloody conflicts are ahead but existing regimes will prevail.

Hannah Arendt on totalitarian leaders: They constantly underestimate the substantial power of stable communities and overestimate the driving force of a movement. Since they do not believe in the factual existence of a world conspiracy against them, but use it only as an organisational device, they fail to understand that their own conspiracy may eventually provoke the world into uniting against them.'

A stable world order combined with the West with superior military intelligence, fully supporting Islam, will defeat Salafi-Jihadi. Fractured groups in Africa like Boko-Haram create havoc with Nigerian Armed Forces now in control.

Source: Al-Qaedaism, The Threat to Islam, The Threat to the World, Richard Whelan, Ashfield Press, 2005

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