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The Covid-19 pandemic came from Wuhan Institute, China November 2019

Wuhan City with Yangtze River bridge

There were 6,800,000 deaths from Covid-19 worldwide by June 15, 2023. There are 670,000,000 people who tested positive for Covid-19 displaying non-lethal symptoms. This reservoir could lead to further infection. The 3 research workers infected with coronavirus in the Wuhan Institute November 2019 confirm the origin of the pandemic, this information is now in the public domain. These details come from US Intelligence - an oxymoron - metadata, telephone and internet transcripts.

In 2002, Sars virus infected 8,000 people, killing 774, the first serious epidemic of the new century. Sars, a coronavirus, could mutate, a vaccine was needed. Bats were examined, because Rabies, Nipah (bat borne, high mortality in NE Africa and SE Asia) and Marburg were inimical to mankind. A search of bat colonies commenced in southern China, 2004. The US commenced funding work combating bio-terrorism and pandemics including the Wuhan Institute, Wuhan, China. The focus was on how viruses cross from animals to humans and cause a pandemic. Mice with humanised lungs were used to create a universal vaccine against Sars type viruses an objective yet to be realised. Increased virulence and transmissibility could target humans, domestic animals or crops.

By 2012, concerns about the profound risks inherent in coronavirus work, a call from Washington to halt all work on live coronaviruses was issued. A virus closely matched to Sars was recovered from caves in a remote part of Yunnan province, it was able to infect human cells. The Wuhan Institute was aided by American scientists who added a spike gene into a copy of the original Sars that was tested in mice with humanised lungs. In 2014 President Obama interdicted attempts to increase pathogenic infectiousness in Sars related research. By 2015 the combined Sars copy and Wuhan cave originated virus, was a potential, mass killer. The Wuhan Institute intended to create an infectious version of the camel pathogen Mers - Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome - from the 2012 outbreak in Saudi Arabia, in combination with bat viruses. The US embassy sent diplomats with scientific expertise to inspect the Wuhan Institute.

Wuhan scientists selected three laboratory grown mutant viruses, then mixing them with Sars like viruses known to infect human cells. Alpha numeric labels were assigned to these viruses - these are not recorded - because it is outside the scope of this report. The objective was to initiate a pandemic. These mutant viruses killed 75% of the laboratory mice. The scientists created a highly infectious super coronavirus with a lethal kill rate. The new laboratory made virus would be difficult to stop if it were released. Theses results were not shared with other scientists. Reports were not sent to scientific journals. Experiments continued without interference. A furin cleavage site, a minute section of the virus' genetic profile rendering it more infectious, was added to the mutant viruses. In 2012, the Wuhan Institute investigated a large bat colony in an abandoned copper mine, Mojiang region, south China. Six men clearing out bat guano contracted a pneumonia-like illness, later three of them died. By 2016 Wuhan Institute discovered 300 coronaviruses one described as the 4991 virus.

Covid-19 gripped the world. The US State Department examined metadata, phone and internet data collected by US intelligence services. The investigators report confirmed the Wuhan scientists were experimenting on viruses from the Mojiang mine and covert military research on animals was conducted at Wuhan Institute before the pandemic. Experiments of inherent risk were undertaken on the Shitou cave Sars viruses and other Sars like viruses, from the mine. Serial passaging experiments were carried out on Sars viruses to encourage the natural mutation process. After this process the Sars virus was well adapted to infect humans.

Since 2017 the Wuhan Institute has collaborated on publications and secret projects on behalf of China's Peoples Liberation Army, PLA. The PLA was given positions of responsibility in the Wuhan Institute, according to a US Senate report. The PLA discussed how Sars could be weaponised. The PLA expected to develop vaccines to protect its own population so that viruses could be bio-weaponised in order to shift the balance of world power. A patent for Covid vaccine was secured by February 2020 within one month of China admitting to the outbreak of the virus, so, Covid-19 vaccine work was ongoing at the laboratory before the outbreak. Did this man fall from the roof of the Wuhan Institute?

Investigators show 3 Wuhan Institute researchers became ill with coronavirus symptoms in November 2019. On November 19, the safety director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences - CAS addressed institute's leadership regarding a complex and grave situation. A hotspot of coronavirus infections was identified by the US Senate on 23 January 2020 - the first case in Britain was on 30 January 2020. The CAS sent investigators to the Moijang mine in June 2020, they were told the mine was closed, they sampled bats in a nearby mine. Police seized the samples and detained them for 48 hours. The police went to their hotel and seized the samples from another copper mine. These investigators are still working for Wuhan Institute. The Yunnan Security Bureau interdicted the investigators from speaking to media.

A total ban on Covid origin work was imposed in Yunnan in early 2021. Most coronavirus experts in China are fearful of examining Covid origins, a dangerous situation in a closed secrecy dominated, Chinese police state. George Dubya Bush initiated funding for pandemic research after September 11, 2001; Donny from Queens halted this initiative in 2017. The US funding of Chinese research led to Covid-19. China, a closed society, did not share or reveal their bio-weaponising of coronaviruses. A lesson learned - do not trust China, now or ever, Li Jingping the autocrat decides policy. This report is damning of irresponsible research which led to the global pandemic.

No one will challenge China, fearful of trade restrictions and other consequences.

At least Covid-19 was created in a laboratory and is not from an unending source in the wild.

A denial by US Intelligence, an oxymoron, on Instagram of apportioning blame to China for Covid-19 is vacillating.

Source:- Sunday Times, June 11, 2023, Inside the Wuhan Lab Secret, Irish Times; US Intelligence Files; US Senate files.


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