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The Economic Collapse of Countries, Worldwide

Li Jingping and Mao Tse Tong - similar ideas

Lebanon, the almost valueless local currency, ensures poverty is rife in this once jewel of the Mediterranean, the massive explosion at the docks two years ago has damaged Beirut's infrastructure beyond repair. Lebanon is further destabilised by the one million Syrian refugees absorbed by Lebanon, this is a major financial burden. Iraq where the illegal invasion in 2003 brought chaos and left lasting chaos has had its parliament stormed by Moqtadr al-Sadr loyalists with little prospect of a return to democracy, another failed state. Syria is a failed state, the local currency worthless, al-Assad (the Lion) is bankrolled by Russia and Iran with poverty and internal opposition in the 3 million strong Idlib province a constant threat.

Currently there are 6.3 million Jews and 6.3 million Arabs in Israel. The Israeli apartheid system is unsustainable. What does the future hold? The policy of Greater Israel with Netanyahu encouraging settlers to steal the best parts of Palestine and evict their rightful owners will leave the Palestinian elite in Ramallah complicit. Israel, supported by the US $3.8billion annually, should appreciate their location in the midst of the Arab world.

Afghanistan, created by drawing the Durand line is tribal, never functioned as a state, has failed. Yemen, an exotic holiday destination in the 1950s and 1960s is riven by Saudi Arabia and Iran fighting each other to the detriment of any resolution. Ethiopia is evenly divided in a civil war between supporters of President Ahmed and other factions again without resolution. This could be endless.

Sri Lanka financed by China has collapsed in a most public manner with government buildings easily stormed and the president Rajapaska fled to the Seychelles. Pakistan, fully financed by China, is long described as a failed state. Failure to repay Chinese banks will place undue pressure on China where economic growth stagnates year by year. Burma/Myanmar, wholly funded by China is enduring a civil war. North Korea, fully financed by China faces severe economic meltdown. China's financing of the train and road links along the Silk Road has placed many countries along this much vaunted link in serious debt.

Chinese built and financed infrastructure in Africa is so poor structurally that asphalt roads return to gravel with alacrity that Western countries have to repair roads and bridges prone to collapse due to poor foundations. The concept of roads and bridges in return for mineral wealth is not working. There are some African countries so poor in GDP that they barely functions as countries. The DRC mine workers accuse China of Illegal dumping and environmental damage. Greece has castigated China over its heavy handed activities.

China is at risk from 92 million unsold apartments and owners are not paying mortgages to heavily debt laden Chinese banks because their apartments remain unfinished with builders non-contactable. A worldwide recession beckons based on the level of debt in China. The CCP is losing its thought control tactics on its highly controlled population who crave freedom of expression. Pelosi (82) provokes China! How?

Brazil's Bolsonaro claims he will lose the next election. Brazil's population can barely contain their anger at Bolsonaro's campaign of destruction of the Amazon forest. Under Bolsonaro the national herd will increase by 6 million by 2030 when sensibly the world is reducing national herds to restrict methane emissions.

Putin's strategic and military blunder of illegally invading Ukraine ensures Russia, the most sanctioned nation in history, will fail with China refusing to invest in Russia. Putin increasingly isolated has the entire world against him.

Source: The Great Fall of China, World News, Sunday Times, 31 July, 2022


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