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The Effects of Nuclear Weapons on the Battlefield

Here, the degree to which operational use of armoured formations has changed due to the effect of nuclear missiles and bombs on field objectives will be examined.

The atomic bomb was used to force the Japanese Empire to surrender. The vast destructive power of a single bomb made a tremendous impression on the global population. They expected a complete change in warfare. Despite this expectation: 'If wars continue, nuclear weapons will modify methods, but will not change fundamental tactics, or at least no more than the invention of gunpowder did.'

The atomic bomb is of considerable military-political importance. Only a state with the capacity to produce nuclear weapons can reach the rank of a great power. The threat of nuclear war, applied with an unscrupulous policy turns the atom bomb from a deterrent to a tool for blackmail.

American forces have tested the scientific precision of atomic cannon on targets in the field. A 28-centimetre atomic cannon has a range 30 kilometres. This fires 6x20-kiloton projectiles per hour, where a kiloton (kt) is the detonation force to the effect of 33,000 medium-calibre field guns in the same amount of time. This crude comparison neglects the normal artillery fire which is adaptable to terrain ad objectives. A nuclear projectile with shock wave, heat and radiation which causes 55% of losses with collapsing buildings and knocked over buildings will cause a low level of casualties due to protection of foxholes and escarpments.

Unprotected troops within a radius of 1,600metres from ground zero will suffer heavy casualties from shock, heat and radiation, whereas a distance of 3,000metres involves no danger to sheltered infantry. Tanks and APCs can outrun ground zero within minutes of nuclear detonation.

Nuclear warfare will not bring tank operations to a standstill who will adapt the organisation of formations. Disciplined and dispersed formations will avoid congestion of vulnerable formations. Supersonic guided missiles shorten the time factor in warfare and enhance tactical surprise.

Putin must stand on his head to know that he is damaging the Russian economy. Russia cannot protect its own infarastucture cf. Kerch bridge.

Judge Maslov's car fell into the Kerch Strait after exploding on the Kerch bridge. Judge Maslov presided over Kadyrov's daughter's case and Putin's Gazprom case. Putin could not abide judge Maslov. Putin may have ordered Maslov's killing.

This provides a motive for Putin to kill off Maslov and inadvertently destroy the Kerch bridge. Kyiv did not claim responsibility for the Kerch bridge destruction.

Source: Panzer Operations, German Panzer Group 3 during the Invasion of Russia, 1941, Hermann Hoth, Die Wehrmacht im Kampf, Casemate, 2017.


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