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Greater Israel, 2024

Israel, since 1948 has selected the best parts of this parched land given to the Israelis by Gawd, ensuring Palestinians are dispossessed or murdered if resistant. Democracy/Apartheid?

People assume there are two alternatives: namely the two-state solution and a version of the one-state solution. The third alternative, which is ignored, is the one Israel has been implementing systematically since the 1967 war, that is, Greater Israel, which will be incorporated into Israel proper including a vastly expanded Jerusalem, (annexed in violation of UN Security Council orders) and any other territories that Israel finds useful, excluding areas of heavy Palestinian population concentration and constantly removing Palestinians from areas scheduled for incorporation into Greater Israel. Palestinian leaders will enjoy a Western style Ramallah, with 90% of the West Bank living in 170 'islands' fully under Israeli control. Gaza languishes under permanent Israeli Army siege separated from the West Bank in violation of the Oslo Accords.


Israeli PM Netanyahu, claims the UN Security Council is biased against Israel, which includes everyone with a consistent commitment to international law and human rights, this of course excludes the US Congress and very obviously the current US president and his associates. Netanyahu facing 3 indictments for alleged bribery and fraud is vulnerable. Israelis question his suitability for office. Avigdor Lieberman, openly derides Netanyahu. Is the reign of 'BiBi' at an end? An indiscreet government in Israel with far-right tendencies is allied to the United States.


The resignation of Ganz ensures Netanyahu depends on extreme right wing MPs who want Palestinians expelled from their ancient lands. There is no plan for Gaza now, there is no plan for Gaza if the war ends. There are no achievable goals for the IDF, the IDF is floundering from massacre to massacre. Israel is unsafe,now and for all time. IDF rescued 4 hostages held by Hamas this week, apparently 3 hostages were killed or, three bodies were recovered with 274 Palestinians killed and hundreds injured. Israel continues to attack where civilians are concentrated caring nothing about the carnage and outrage that the entire world rails against.


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