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Imperial powers colonised Asian countries

Imperial Britain began trading opium with Canton, China. The Chinese Emperor observing the effect of opium on the Chinese people banned the trade in opium. Britain went to war with China, China lost he war and China had to cede concessions on trading opium with other Chinese cities. A group of Chinese religious, the Boxers, went to war with the Imperial powers supported by the Chinese Emperor which led to a 100 day siege of Peking. The victorious western powers imposed sanctions and trade concessions on China. Britain gained Hong Kong for 100 years in 1897, currently the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong is unopposed with Britain an island empire in decline.

The United States imposed the same type of democracy on Japan, concessions on trade or a broadside from their many warships and a welcoming to capitalist merchants. Japan copied the United States in defeating the Russian Imperial Navy in 1905 during the Russian/Japanese war.

In China, a young revolutionary Sun Yat Sen demanded the same rights for Chinese in China as Americans had in America. An appeal to Russia ensured the Chinese revolution succeeded. Sun Yat Sen died but left two significant young disciples, Chang-Kai-Shek and Mao Tse-tong. Chang-Kai-Shek ensure all communists in Sun Yay Sen organisation were executed Mao Tse-tong alone escaped. Chang-Kai-Shek became the puppet of the merchants and landlords. Chang -Kai-Shek's government became so corrupt that General Stilwell demanded the US government withdraw support, Wall Street vetoed this proposal. Mao Tse-tong

drove Chang-Kai-Shek's forces to the US fortress Formosa/Taiwan.

France brought western civilisation to Indochina/Vietnam. A French merchant discovered how weak the Vietnameses Emperor army was and brought in 200 mercenaries to take over Hanoi. the Emperor appealed to the french Navy who arrested the merchant and then conquered the entire country. The Vitetnamese Emperor ceded rule of his country to Paris France.

Japan on conquering southeast Asia simply retained the French administration in Indochina and re-directed raw materials to Japan. Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, who read Washington, commence open rebellion against the Japanese occupiers. Ho Chi Minh appealed to America for arms and liberated,, in the tradition of the Black Flag, Hanoi and Saigon. Ho Chi Minh was an ally of the US. Bao Dai, a puppet of the French, abdicated and Ho Chi Minh was the President. In 1945 the British fleet in Saigon dismissed the government and returned the country to France. Ho Chi Minh so ungrateful commenced fighting the French, defeating them at Dien Bien Phu 1954. America created South Vietnam, installing bao Dai as compliant Vietnamese Emperor, disregarding the Geneva Agreement, which led to the Vietnam War 1965-1975.

Imperial powers interference in Asian countries created long lasting wars and misery for millions of people in Asia. China now in ascendancy is rightly feared for their zeal in securing vital raw materials in Africa and further afield. Do we prefer democratic USA in charge of world affairs or communist/socialist China?


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