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Putin deposed in 2026 and Ukraine will prevail on the Battlefield

Putin is fully aware of silent opposition to him at the 'vote at noon' and Alexai Navalny's funeral silent protests. Putin is frightened of appearing in public in Russia knowing he will be pilloried and castigated. At least 300,000 men left Russia in 2022 to avoid being conscripted, these people are telling their compatriots in Russia of the freedom of speech and freedom from oppression which must be available in the new Russia. The Russian revolution of 1917 happened within five days, the Tsar deposed, due to outside influences. History repeats itself particularly to those who know no history.

Ukraine fights for its very existence. Ukraine has been careful to retrieve territory taken by Russia and then document war crimes at Bucha and numerous other location where 1,200 Russian soldiers including Putin are named and documented and are due to face the International Criminal Court. There is no escape. The Russian army is non-uniform, consisting of mercenaries, convicts, annual conscription and street sweepings. 1,000 Russians attack fixed Ukrainian positions they are slaughtered, another 1,000 Russians from Kamchatka., Siberia, Kola Peninsula rush the same fixed positions and are slaughtered. Some Russian prisoners, when asked why they fight, they say the pay is good. Putin will run out of these 000s. The Mothers of Russian soldiers, mercenary groups such as Wagner and men who tire of this slaughter are agitating for and end to the war. Russian soldiers' bodies litter the battlefield, Russia does not reclaim its dead, Ukraine returns them for their living Ukrainian POWs. Russia required 8 months of grinding attacks to take Bakhmut and Avtiika fully ruined. Russia cannot take the entire Ukraine and then go onto take the Baltic States. Russia has a disparate, non-uniform paper army known for its abject cruelty. 30% of Russian men have spent time in prison, where police brutality is learned and transferred to Russian daily life. Russian men do not work, they drink all day then beat their wives, their serving in the army ensures good money and a $70, 00 bounty paid to wives when they are killed. Happy wives.

Ukraine represents a mere 3% of Russian land area, just because a crazy man wants to take over an independent country. There is no justification for this war.

Ukraine uses undetectable propeller driven drones to seriously damage Russia oil refineries which is a major concern for Putin. Oil revenues pay for his manic war. Drones target Crimea and drones cleared Russian civilians and the Russian Black Sea Fleet from bases in Crimea. There are no Black Sea Fleet patrols in the Black Sea.

Money, men materials do not win a war. Clever use of resources by a smaller country can destroy the fabric of Putin's dictatorship, there has to be a better way. Russia is isolated and seeks solace with China, India, North Korea, Iran and Russia whose trading with the Chinese Yuan provides a market for Putin's oil.

The US government $60 billion award in defence systems will offset Russian missile and drone attacks ensuring Ukrainian cities will be safer. The cost of the aerial attacks on Ukraine could be estimated at $10 million per attack. No country can afford to sustain theses costly attacks.

Source: Sunday Times; Irish Times


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