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Putin's Mafia State will collapse when Russia attacks ISIS-K

Putin, a thief (he stole Yukos Oli from Khodorovsky -filmed by Channel 4), murderer ( killing Politovskaya, Litvinenko, Nemtsov - shot behind a snow plough and Navalny) and brutal leader, Putin a pagan sadly lacking in morality, delayed 20 hours to then blame Ukraine for Moscow attack, lacking any legitimate mandate to lead, will be removed from office and Russia will collapse when Russian Armed Forces attack ISIS-K bases.

The attack on the Crocus City Hall, Moscow ensures war on several fronts will ensue. Putin, a coward, frightened of being ousted, waited 20 hours to falsely blame Ukraine for this ISIS-K atrocity. Russian security is under strain there was not one Police officer at the concert with all security monitoring directed towards Ukraine in an unnecessary war. Ukraine has cleared Russian Naval vessels from the Black Sea, Crimea is unsafe for Russian civilians.

Russia destroyed Grozny, Chechnya with 80,000 casualties; then Syria with the help of Iran. ISIS-K is determined and shares its brutal tactics with Russia. Russian mercenaries replaced French troops in former French African colonies. The Stans: Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan, Turkmenistan, Tadjikistan and Kazakhistan have a growing population of some 50 million Muslims in the Russian Federation. Disastrous US policies in the Middle East, are driving millions of refugees to Europe. The world is on the move. Russia cannot wage war on several fronts. Russia is the implacable enemy of Muslims worldwide.

Who are ISIS-K? They are from the Khorasan area of Afghanistan, Iran and Turkmenistan, warlord Shahab al-Muhajir is their leader. the Taliban created ISIS-K who now attack the Taliban daily. Attacks on the Russian Embassy in Kabul Afghanistan; the bomb attack on fleeing refugees with 13 US soldiers killed at Kabul airport; the memorial bomb attack at Quessem Suleimani shrine in Iran killed 200 people, many attacks on former French colonies in the Sahel and Pakistan suffers multiple ISIS-K attacks.

The 4 captured Tajiks do not resemble the 4 highly confident and motivated killers filmed at the concert attack, they were tortured and were very subdued. It is quite likely that these Tajiks were guest workers swept up by brutal Russian Omon to parade for the international press. Russian brutality is there for all to see with cowardly Putin warning all what happens to dissenters.

97% of Russia's ground troops are committed to Ukraine. Russia cannot risk losing the North Caucasus to ISIS-K'

Putin frightened to appear in public, lacked the decency to visit the charred remains of the Crocus City Hall. his brief media appearance revealed an old man with nothing to say.

Source: Sunday Independent; Sunday Times.


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