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Sinn Fein in Power in Ireland, 2025?

Sinn Fein candidates canvassing for votes in Ireland are receiving shouts of 'You had your chance'. Sinn Fein in power in Ireland following the March 2025 general election ensures the Sinn Fein manifesto requires critical examination.

Sinn Fein misrule in Northern Ireland evinces the only apartheid system in the northern hemisphere with biased police and judges, widespread sectarianism creating chaos throughout society. Little investment, poor housing, poor living standards, high unemployment and a police barracks at every major junction. The Brits do not want Northern Ireland, do we really want a reunited Ireland when 300,000 die hard loyalists will foment a civil war.

The defects of the political slum that is Northern Ireland with Sinn Fein and the DUP nominally in charge is glaringly defective with the crucial annual £11 billion subsidy from the UK crucial to cover up the cracks in the Northern Ireland government.

In 1918 the last All Ireland vote Sin Fein won 90% of seats in government. In 1926 Fianna Fail and Fine Gael arose from the split in the Sinn Fein vote. The internecine violence driven feud in Northern Ireland which erupted on out TV screens in 1969 rendered Northern Ireland ungovernable.

Sinn Fein admire Russian President Putin, a workers paradise, run by an autocrat. Sinn Fiein hid their banners in 2022 when Putin disastrously invaded Ukraine. Sinn Fein are Marxists, they do not like private property, they detest and despise private landlords, unfairly, blaming them for the housing crisis. Foreign Direct Investment is threatened by Sinn Fein. Health in Northern Ireland and Ireland are in crisis. Throwing good money at this crisis, an intractable problem, is not a solution. Sinn Fein has no viable solution. Ireland, an ultra modern society has its problems. In fact, the United States, offers the best medical care, yet many cannot afford it with many patients attending charitable organisations for critical health care.

Sinn Fein, they have no solutions, the spectre of the IRA still haunts Sinn Fein, with hairy men and hairy beards remaining in an advisory capacity, so, who runs Sinn Fein? Chaos and Sinn Fein are synonymous.

Source: Sunday Times, Irish Times, Sunday Independent.


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