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State of Palestine declared by PLO, 15/11/1988

By the end of 1988, 82 stares had recognised this new state. The PLO declaration was acknowledged by the UN General Assembly by 15 December 1988 in Resolution 43/177. This was adopted by 104 votes to 2, with 36 abstentions, Israel and the US the only objectors.

The resolution stated the Palestinian people should be able to exercise their sovereignty over their territory occupied since 1967, i.e. the West Bank including East Jerusalem and Gaza.

35 years later the Palestinians are unable to exercise sovereignty over their territory because Israel has refused to withdraw from their land and the world has not exercised pressure on Israel, the last colonising nation, to withdraw.

Ireland, a former colony of a repressive British Empire, now a postage sized Empire, knows full well the ability to negotiate with the support of global nations, currently denied to Palestine. Ireland, Spain and Norway, the latter, both NATO member countries are commended in their courage in condemning the daily atrocities in Gaza and in the under reported West Bank.

Greater Israel, with all 12 million citizens (6.3 million Arabs and 6.3 million Jews, in a land one third the size of Ireland) with equal rights and right to a passport, is not discussed, the Jews fear being outbred by Arabs, becoming strangers in their own land. The contemptuous US reaction to the ICC call for the arrest of Netanyahu et alius, confirms we are not equal above the law and, further, that international humanitarian law applies only to its enemies and not to its allies.

Source: Irish Times, 25/5/2024


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