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The Israeli Defence Force is Undisciplined, Erratic and lacks Planning

The IDF, generated from the Irgun and Hagannagh terrorist groups who excised the Brits following the bombing of the King David Hotel, Jerusalem, 1948., developed into a determined force dealing with external threats.

The IDF in 1967 and 1973 dealt with the Arab armies comprehensively and so eventually increasing the size of Israel by five times. Territory captured include Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Sinai and Negev. Israel, one third the size of Ireland and with a population of 12 million, is an arid country given by God to the Israelis ensures 'Great Hatred Little Room', W B Yeats. The national interest was well served by the IDF with a country beset by the threat off invasion.

The IDF requires all Israeli citizens, excluding Arabs, to serve 18 months in the IDF. Many such recruits rapidly became disillusioned with serving in the occupied West Bank, freely killing Palestinians. The IDF kill without reason and if there are investigations then they do not involve prosecuting IDF personnel. The invasion of Lebanon, 1982, led by Ariel Sharon, a politician not a General was badly planned , incurring heavy losses for little gain. the PLO fought valiantly at the southern end of Beirut airport, little acknowledged. Israel withdrew with little to show for such disruption. Israel is a poor neighbour. The defeat of the IDF, southern Lebanon, 2006 where Hezbollah stood their ground and fought the IDF to a standstill was little acknowledged. This was a significant defeat and curbed the IDF tendency to invade neighbouring countries.

When one throws a rock at an irate, recalcitrant neighbour then a larger rock is thrown in return. Do not throw this rock!

A vindictive Israeli IDF invaded Gaza, October 2023, destroying civilian infrastructure, killing all civilians without distinguishing them from insurgents. Netanyahu has no plan, his only objective to stay in power with his fascist government and avoid jail for corruption. Time and again IDF atrocities are documented. Denial and no proof of IDF allegations follow. The IDF withdrew a brigade from Khan Younis, February 2024, without securing concessions from Hamas in return. Two men innocently flying a drone in Gaza were killed and described as terrorists without any proof from the IDF. UMWRA was accused of employing terrorists again no proof offered by Israel. The targeting of three vehicles carrying food aid separated by 1.5km for safety killed by the IDF ensured unwanted adverse publicity for Israel.

The US, Israel's paymaster cannot tolerate unilateral action by Israel leading to Turkey interdicting $6.5 billion annually in trade with Israel. Worldwide trade and investments in Israel by international universities' occupation campaigns will target industries in the illegally occupied West Bank, first casualty of Israel's murderous policies in Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel will be isolated and an increasingly insecure in which place to live.

Bombing Lebanon, Syria and upsetting Iran is not conducive to peace. Upsetting US president Biden is not a good idea.

Netanyahu must concede, thus ending his term in office.

Source: Sunday Times, Irish Times, Sunday Independent


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