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The Propaganda War in the United States

Biden's truthful attitude versus Donny from Queens Big Lies

52% of Americans described voter stress after the November 8, 2016 US Presidential election. Donny from Queens, the populist candidate, was the cause and in particular the symptom of the political structure facilitating such a candidate.


Alexis de Toqueville, the 19th century French aristocrat described the US political system as lacking logic with an incoherent party system which fully resembled a jury system reflecting the mentality of the country at a given time. The success of Donny from Queens and Saunders 2016 represented the mainstream despite the resonance of the established Democratic Party.


Donny from Queens captured and used the Republican Party solely for his own purposes and without precedent. Donny from Queens sneered and demeaned his opponents in the Republican Party. Donny from Queen’s diatribe against Clinton that she is corrupt and should be in jail never faltered. Donny from Queen’s chosen people and his populist rants against Mexican immigrants, Muslims and the closing of Mosques ensured that ‘The important thing is the unification of the people, and the other people don’t matter’ confirms Donny from Queens is an extremist ensuring an extreme President and full of surprises.

Donny from Queens says the United States is dying. Biden says the US economy is thriving and has the statistics to prove same. Ardent Donny from Queens supporters retreat into an information bunker believing everything they hear is true, Donny from Queens denies truth offering no proof. Trump believes himself a victim of injustice, yet, he is a known liar, convicted of sexual assault, forgery and implicated in sedition and treason. Everyone sees that Donny from Queens whips up feelings of victimhood among the crowds, conjuring up hatred towards the supposed causes of their suffering, and promises his followers a route out of their own humiliation by imposing suffering and humiliation on others.

Reality, was the absolute opposite of what the crowds wanted to hear. Donny from Queens offered excuses and justifications and escape from an unbearable reality and the promise of a deeply desired alternative reality. Chaos follows. The appeal to sordid, self-serving and shameful motives such as demonising immigrants, Donny from Queens, survives both by stoking fanaticism for a collective utopian fantasy whilst appealing to the yahoo/roughneck, inherent in every citizen. Donny from Queens admires Hitler, both unhinged, enough said.

What makes people susceptible to to the blindness that propaganda creates, and how can people break out of it? Propaganda provides the means for the descent into rule by dangerously disordered leaders, the escape is only achieved through immense violence. We must turn to the prophets of truth who tell us that some changes are irreversible, some actions cannot be undone. Individual moral responsibility is a measure of our humanity and our sole means of holding on to it. Alternatives to this fundamental reality are delusions that can kill, we must care about truth again.

Donny from Queens, guilty of obstructing justice, forgery, fraud and falsifying business records and serial assault and defamation will not survive the civil and criminal cases arraigned against him. Donny from Queens, is yesterday's man, his supporters will desert him when they realise he is using their campaign donations for his court actions. This is devious. Donny from Queen's supporters will deride and turn on him and desert him. Biden, a  safe pair of hands, has led a thriving US economy. The economy is all that matters. There is much talent in the Democratic party, an energetic Vice-President will ensure continuity regardless of Biden's advancing years.

'America no longer has an exemplary just and well ordered society.' Power and wealth are concentrated in the hands of a tiny self serving elite. The previous occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington D.C., USA was more concerned with the number of zeros in his bank account than the plight of the bottom 50% of the population whose income has declined steadily over the last three decades.

Donny from Queens lacks the intellect, ideology and discipline to succeed in his aims, when Donny from Queens has no aims except he hates government yet he aspires to be in government! The Republican Party is now the preserve of billionaires, bigots, climate change deniers so that plumbers, carpenters etc need not apply. Republican Senators and Congressmen detest and despair of Donny from Queens. The EU loath him and his friends are inimical to democracy.

Disordered Minds: How Dangerous personalities are Destroying Democracy, Ian Hughes, 2024


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