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These Conservative Prime Ministers are judged on their performance

Cameron missing from photograph

The conservative effect 2010-2024, 14 wasted years? All of the Prime Ministers were products of English public schools. 'Properly using victory' is inscribed on their political tombs, brutal judgements followed. Stability was established in the centre of British power compounded by erratic changes in policy, a procession of ministers moving on or fired resembling a train station.

Conservatives performance is deeply negative since 2010.

Cameron promised a refreshed NHS, but by 2023 the NHS had broken all the wrong records, 10% of hospital beds were occupied by patients who could not be discharged. The Crisis in the UK was driven by ideology not practical work, endless reforms often abandoned along with spending curbs ensured promises could not be delivered.

The financial crash allowed Cameron to take power in 2010 and immediately imposed austerity, household wealth declined by 2009, this damage lingered for many years burdened by an over leveraged financial system. Rising inequality, slow growth and stagnating wages followed. Poor growth low wages and low living standards prevailed. Under investment in public and private capital. Brexit, courtesy of Cameron put undue pressure on everything.

Britain is not a good place to be poor. Inequalities have worsened significantly. Much harm, little good. Health of the poorest worsened, life expectancy decreased, living with illness increased, thousands lost family members before there time.

Each Prime Minister had their moments, Cameron expected to be trusted with the NHS. May was sincere and attempted to improve Brexit but was undermined by factions within the Conservative Party. Two Prime Ministers were not Prime Minister material. Sunak was sincere but was hampered by sleaze, insider betting and again factions within the Conservative Party. Only 60% voted in the July general election. Labour and Conservatives each secured 30% of the vote. The first past the post system hampered smaller parties. Starmer, a decent man returns government to public service. The sense of relief after the election is striking.

Source: Irish Times


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