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The street demonstrations throughout Iran, 29/12/2017-4/1/2018

Storm Gorumna, Conamara

The demonstrators said to the menacing police cordon 'We demand the opportunity to work' Since the last street demonstrations against the ultra-conservative Ahmedjinedad in 2009 the poorer people of Iran are now even more poor. Iranian distrust of 'Little Satan' England who combined with the interfering United States removed elected Iranian prime minister Mossadeq in 1953 ensures Iran is wary of outside destabilising influences. At least one Iranian exile allied with the 'Restart' movement, an admirer of Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire in the 6th Century much admired by Iranians when the Persian Empire was at its greatest extent and prior to its Islamisation in the 7th Century. This group propose the overthrow of the Iranian Islamic Republic. An enraged Iranian taxi driver describes the rich driving their cars worth more than his own house and car.

An Iranian diplomat describes his colleagues depositing large amounts of cash in bank accounts in London under diplomatic privilege which further isolates the Iranian poor. The US idiocracy attempts to cancel the Iran nuclear accords ensures sanctions further impact on the Iranian poor. Rouhani's budget of December 2017 raised the price of eggs and petrol further pressurising the poor of whom 40% are unemployed. Recently, Iranians discovered millions of Euro were allocated to political factions and the clerical elite. International investors are needed to stimulate the Iranian economy, the wealth generating middle classes are wary of crippling inflation which could decimate the economy.

'Death to Hezbollah' was a constant refrain during the street demonstrations. Iranians believe Iran supports Hezbollah in Syria including direct support for the Syrian government of €5 billion annually. Russia pays Syria €7 billion annually. Hezbollah denounces the interfering United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia. The illegal invasion of Iraq replaced a Sunni with a Shi'ite government ensuring Iran has influence in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Yemen. Ghassem Soleimani's, the leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard's portrait was displayed by the demonstrators, ensuring he is the most popular Iranian since 2016.

The future? French President Macron urges dialogue to avoid war. The United States stance is alarming.

Sources: Sans pression, le systéme iranien ne va pas se réformer; En dépit de la levée des sanctions, l'économie ne décolle pas et Les opérations militaires extérieures critiquées pour leur cout; par les journalistes du Monde, 5 Janvier, 2018.

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