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Israeli Exceptionalism, Genocide and Zionism

Israeli exceptionalism includes bombing the Iranian embassy in Damascus Syria, when, the Vienna convention affords them, all embassies, protection. Equally, under international humanitarian law, patients are protected while being treated in hospitals, but not from Israeli assassins as per the Ibn Sina hospital, Jenin in the Israeli occupied West Bank. Aid workers must be 'respected and protected' according the the international Committee of the Red Cross, but not when it comes to Israel. International Law must be respected. Israeli exceptionalism must end.

Jews worldwide reject the Israeli government's war against the Palestinian people with the genocide witnessed worldwide. Israel makes the false claim, rejected by Jews internationally, that the lives of c.34,000 Palestinians brutally murdered including 14,000 children are less important than Israeli security. Israel justifies withholding water, electricity, food and aid to ordinary citizens in Gaza while the world watches children and babies starve.

The Israeli state depends on a cruel outdated system of inequality, inhumanity, ongoing violence and land disposessions that inherently find Jews rejecting Zionism. Jews internationally reject fighting against Israel's genocide of the Palestinian's is anti-Semitic. Judaism internationally and throughout history has nothing to do with the Zionism of the state of Israel which stands for Jewish supremacy which has developed a cruel system of dominance described by amnesty International as the 'crime of apartheid' and a 'crime against humanity'.

Victor Klemperer, presaged the Israeli state, recounted his relentless degradation as a German Jew during the first eight years of Hitler's rule. Klemperer showed immense compassion for Palestinian Arabs who feared they would lose their homeland to a Jewish state. 'I sympathise with the Arabs who are in revolt, in 1933, whose land is being bought a Red Indian fate.' Klemperer wrote in 1934, 'The Zionists want to return to the Jewish state of AD 70... are just as offensive as the Nazis. with their nosing after blood, their ancient 'cultural roots', their partly canting, partly obtuse winding back of the world they are altogether a match for the National Socialists...'

Source: Sunday Times; Irish Times letters April, 13 2024;


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