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An open letter to our great Irish leaders

Dear Leo, Micéal, Mary Lou, Eamon, Ivana, Peadar and Holly,

The comprehensive rejection of both referenda, March 8, questions the FF/FG/Greens and NGOs Civil Society consensus which previously delivered political winning results is now outmoded. The ability of your government to predict the local, European and general elections is now in question. Planning for elections in particular - strategic planning must be re-examined. The proposal to reduce the age for president from 35 to 21 was rejected on the same day as marriage equality was adopted. The recent arrogant YES campaign is not a useful template for future campaigns.

The care amendment failed because it was not sufficiently progressive.

The cynical proposal to replace 'woman' and 'marriage' from the constitution on International Women's Day was not commented on, voters approve of the direction of travel but rejected the wording. This writer sent 10x 'are you interested in a long term relationship?' emails to prospective voters, 9 out of 10 accepted my words 'Durable' reminds one of the 'Duracell' battery.

The skirmishing between the main political parties, inter alia, is now very much in evidence with individual Oireachtas members declaring voting against their parties.

The remedy: The promise of a better future is critical to how political leaders ask for the support of voters. Autocrats deny the past, adopt radical change, hector the opposition and demean opponents.

Overall, this lack of political seriousness demeans the serious side of politics, politicians are not listening to the electorate in particular the numerous young first time voters.

Liberal values, openness, tolerance and decency are required for economic and social issues in modern democratic society. The current FF/FG/Greens will fracture, who will replace the Greens who have only 5% support.

HSE, no beds; ESB frequent power cuts; Irish Water water cut off; our great leaders are not delivering.

I writing to you, because, I am concerned for our democracy.


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