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War/Guerre/Guerra/Krieg in Mittel Ost

Israel faces war on 6 fronts - Gaza/West Bank/Iran/Lebanon/Syria/Yemen. Netanyahu is damned for his war on Gaza which is weakening and isolating Israel, ensuring it is now a pariah state, Iran will not initiate a war on Israel for this very reason. Iran stands aside and Israel destroys itself. Iran has a vast arsenal of missiles and drones, Israel lacks this arsenal, they could maintain an assymetrical war on Israel of long duration. Iran telegraphed its missile attack on Israel 72 hours in advance to the US, Saudi Arabia and other allies to mitigate the attack. Iran is a calculating, rational state, a regional power, one of the oldest nations in the world. Iran's alliances with Hezbollah, Houthis, Hamas could mobilise 3 million men to attack Israel, no contest.

Sudan, after one year of civil war, with Sudan's RSM, armed by Iran who are supplying them with drones, fighting a mediaeval style of warfare, has achieved nothing whilst Sudan's government is losing territory daily. 8 million people are displaced to refugee camps with 28 million needing food aid, in Chad and South Sudan, thereby turning the clock back 25 years. Al Shabab is a destrucutive force in Somalia and Kenya.

Former French colonies in the Sahel, Africa find French colonial troops replaced with cruel and brutish Russian mercenaries with no good results.

The Russia/Ukraine war of 2 years 2 months duration has Ukraine using non-detectable propellor driven drones to destroy oil refineries; drone factories and Russian Bear and Sukhoi bomber airfields all located deep into Russian territories. Putin. fearful of appearing spontaneously in Russia, unless it is at an orchestrated event with many layers of security is beset by the ISIS-K attack on the Moscow Crocus theatre. Putin must retain the North Caucus for its vital oilfields and must withdraw Russian ground troops from Ukraine, where 98% of Russian ground troops are committed.

Putin's tyrannical state is doomed due to be taken down by war on two fronts.

Source: Sunday Times; Irish Times, websites on Middle East


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