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Dismantling Democracy

Putin wins because the USA has lost its prestige. Putin and Erdogan are replacing the US in the Middle East. The US president is more interesting than a serious liberal yet his refusal to pay for the transition from President Obama's term ensures there is no funding of personnel for the Dept of Commerce; Agriculture and Data. There are no obvious advisers.The current US administration's willful ignorance of short term gain preserves personal immunity to hard problems. The US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership cost US farmers $4 billion in foreign agricultural sales - the US president's support base! The current US administration can forbid federal employees from using the phrase 'climate change' more easily than they can prevent them from dealing with its consequences. What of the places in the US government where there is no reporting of these consequences? Solely, in his own mind, the US president creates a crisis and solves this crisis causing chaos worldwide. The US president governs on a whim through twitter caring nothing for the consequences of his actions. A withdrawal from Iraq, the betrayal of the Kurds stores up future wars when the current chaotic administration peters out. In the history of Forbes magazine, only three people made major efforts to end up higher in the listing than they deserved:- Saudi Prince Alwaleed, second the current US president and Wilbur Ross.

The British registered oil tanker seized by Iran was countered by the US president urging Britain to seize an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar it was duly seized and it was agreed not to unload load in Syria which it did regardless - touché. This is the type of retaliation which will happen with the US assassination of Major General Soleimani by the USA in Iraq. Soleimani provided stable government in Iraq by Iranian officials during the poor US attempt to impose order. Soleimani and the US were on the same side in Syria to destroy ISIS. One year ago Soleimani was almost killed in a drone strike in Syria. Iran, threatened by an unhinged US president to destroy, like ISIS, Iranian cultural sites, infantile, Iran could wait out the fear of reprisal generated by the US president's actions. Iran listed the US president' properties for retaliation. The Iranian missile strike on US military bases in Iraq was a mild response. Was Donny from Queens gloating at the deaths of 176 airline passengers near Teheran? Thousands of Iraqi dead did not end in a US General killed in retaliation. Old Moores Almanac predicts he will be removed from office in 2020.

Was this assassination to distract from impeachment? Was this a means of re-election in 2020? Was it on a whim? Was the US president lucky? The unpredictable US president, the impeached twitter addict, where bellowing out inane policies on twitter without considering the consequences are his trademark endangers every US citizen and EU citizen, his allies were not consulted this is alarming. The US president will become more desperate to avoid prison and will try to avoid censure by seeking re-election by any means possible. The 25th amendment of the US constitution will be invoked. Putin is filmed laughing at the US president at regular intervals, does he know this?

Source: The Fifth Risk, Michael Lewis, Allen Lane 2018

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