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Russia's intelligence network was involved in the US presidential election in 2016. The Russian government caused maximum damage to Hillary Clinton's reputation, due to her campaign's poor email security, and by using WikiLeaks as the medium through which stolen documents were passed to the impartial US media. Not all documents were from the US, although no Russian documents were leaked. Julian Assange is hosted by President Putin in the twilight zone inhabited by Russia's online hackers. Did Russia aid Donny from Queens presidential campaign? Russia certainly did not hinder his campaign, so, how many of Donny from Queens campaign knew of this Russian interference in US democracy?

Russian hackers and trolls are a constant threat to US democracy. Cyber activities are crucial to US Cyber Command, with Wikileaks only a small part of the challenge, with at least 10 million cyber attacks daily. The US national power grid is at risk. Cyberia is now fully in focus.

The US penetrated Iraqi networks with surrender messages. In 2010 the US and Israel unleashed the Stuxnet virus against Iran's nuclear enrichment stations. More recently the US has been under attack from Iran, North Korea and China. Russia launched cyber attacks against the US government in order to reduce the fighting ability of the US. In 2017 Russia used Guccifer 2.0 in a sustained attack against the US political system. Moscow was undeterred, and fully enters into partnerships with known criminals to achieve its objectives. the US must be prepared to make an example of an attacker. Defence looms well behind myriads of unidentifiable numerous attackers. The institutions of world order including UN, UNSC, World Bank and the IMF should be metamorphosed into networks of security against cyber attacks. Cyber defence lags 10 years behind cyber attacks - networks can be swift open and secure but only two of these three at one time.

The threat to world order is summarised as: 'very fast networks x artificial artificial intelligence x black boxes x the New Caste x compression of time x weapons.' The solution rests with an anti-fragile system which improves as it is attacked. Cyberia

The alarming prospect of a single global network ultimately rendering Homo sapiens redundant then extinct, is based on all our cooperation networks based on written language, money, culture and ideology replaced by computer algorithms. In that network we will be as important to algorithms as animals are to us. Artificial intelligence will determine humans are the cause of climate change and threaten the planet, so, we will be elimininated!

Source: The Square and the Tower, Niall Ferguson, Penguin Books, 2018

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