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Teufelsdreck aus Weissnichtwo!

United States foreign policy towards Syria, 2017

Donny from Queens, we have never full satisfied ourselves whether there is a tone and hum of real Humour, which we reckon among the very highest qualities of Genius, or some remote echo of mere Inanity and Insanity. Does the latter apply?

The relentless continued abuse of power by Donny from Queens will result in more Covid-19 cases. The Oklahoma rally, June 2020, with allegedly one million requests for entry and seating for 19,000 suggested mob rule. 6,000 attended a turning point for Donny from Queens, the rejection by his implacable supporters. 'Kung flu'/ racist remarks/ joking about 120,000 covid-19 US dead the vulgar 'tangerine tyrant' knows no bounds. Why do poor people follow this dogged racist in droves?

Mr Moustache’s book confirms the Streisand Effect in that attempts by Donny from Queens to interdict this book’s publication will backfire.The vulgar US president believes Finland is part of the Soviet Union; that the UK lacks nuclear weapons and that rogues such as Tsar Putin, Bolsonaro and Kim Il Jung are his friends while insulting his allies. Tsar Putin the richest man ever in world history is often filmed with his cronies laughing at Donny from Queens' bizarre antics.

Donny from Queens lacks the intellect, ideology and discipline to succeed in his aims, when Donny from Queens has no aims except he hates government yet he is in government!

The Republican Party is now the preserve of billionaires, bigots, climate change deniers so that plumbers, carpenters etc need not apply. Republican Senators and Congressmen detest and despair of Donny from Queens. The EU loath him and his friends are inimical to democracy.

The destruction of democracy in the United States reflects the rise in populism, nationalism and deep division in modern times. The chaos and high unemployment worldwide ensures a return to the 1930’s/1940's when Donny from Queens plagiarised the isolationist policies of Charles Lindbergh who coined the phrase ‘Make America Great Again’ hosts

his reality show tactic of sack them with disastrous results. As the United Sates loses prestige the Tsar Putin wins. The US withdraws from the world thereby creating a multi-polar world.

Ruling by executive order daily with his half wit supporters looking on bypasses the House of Representatives and the senate, Senator Schmitt decries 'the fool in the White House.' Robert Fisk states boldly that Donny from Queens is 'crackers'.

A world war due to Donny from Queens daily racist rants with his 7,999 nuclear weapons is a real possibility.

Source: Colossus, The Rise and Fall of the American Empire, Niall Ferguson, Penguin

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