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The Midde East in 2023

The Middle East, dominated by Israeli intent on destroying Hamas in the aftermath of the Hamas attack of October 7, 2023, is in turmoil. Israel, a tiny country surrounded by Arab countries suffering Israeli military attacks over many decades, is implementing a ground invasion of Gaza where some 200 international captives are sequestered.

Equal numbers of Israeli Jews, 6.3 million, and Palestinian Arabs, 6.3 million could co-exist in a Greater Israel in long term peace and prosperity arrangement with equal rights for all. The Balfour Declaration which Britain, administering Palestine after the Ottoman Empire collapsed, had no right to declare a homeland for the Jews. By 1948 a bomb in the Jerusalem King David Hotel ended the British administration involvement in the area. An attack by surrounding Arab states was contained by the new stare of Israel. The reference to return to 1967 border as a basis for negotiation underlies Israel as the last colonising nation whereby Israel extended its land area by conquest.

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) won the 1948, causing the Naqba - disaster with 500,000 Palestinians fleeing irregular Jewish forces, and the 1967 and 1973 wars and gained the territory by refusing Palestinians the right to return, which they set about colonising, the attendant military occupation of this new land defined Israel for decades. Israel killed 200 civilians in various countries in revenge for the Munich Olympic killings without the media attention the Palestinians received. Ariel Sharon urged settlers to grab the hillsides and colonise the West Bank. Arafat urged the Palestinians to be as David with Goliath. The biblical Jewish claim to Israel is refuted by their expulsion to Egypt. The only Jewish lands mentioned in the bible are Judea and Samara, the current West Bank. Victor Klemperer recounted his relentless degradation as a German Jew during the first eight years of Hitler's rule. Klemperer showed immense compassion for Palestinian Arabs who feared they would lose their homeland to a Jewish state. 'I sympathise with the Arabs who are in revolt, in 1933, whose land is being bought a Red Indian fate.' klemperer wrote in 1934, 'The Zionists want to return to the Jewish state of AD 70... are just as offensive as the Nazis. with their nosing after blood, their ancient 'cultural roots', their partly canting, partly obtuse winding back of the world they are altogether a match for the National Socialists...'

In 2023 Israel risks the ire of surrounding Arab states by invading Gaza. Killing one terrorist generates ten more, add this number to the numbers killed in Gaza and the anger generates thousands hating the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank. The US aircraft carrier shot down missiles fired from Yemen, today, October20. Israel evacuated settlers from northern Israel. Hezbollah in southern Lebanon has 20,000 fighters ready for action with numerous long range missiles and 10,000 fighters in reserve. A wider war is imminent. When IDF or illegal israeli settlers kill Palestinians no one is charged with murder. Netanyahu de-humanises Palestinians. The Israeli hard line government dismisses the Palestinians and criminalises them.

The Middle East is a dangerous and volatile place for all residents. Who will defuse theses tensions? The UN stating the bleak history of Israel repressing the Palestinians is a stark comment. The revenge element whereby c.9,000 Palestinians were killed for 1,400 Israelis killed ensures Israel is losing the sympathy of the world.

No one is talking to anyone, Qatar speaks to Hamas and Israel and secured the release of 4 hostages. A respite and a negotiated peace is inevitable. Turkey, population 80 million with a 1 million strong army has ceased diplomatic ties with Israel.

Sources: Daily TV and Radio reports


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