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ESB are inept and woefully inefficient

Without Prejudice

In Lettermore, Co Galway, the ESB is inept, inefficient and no longer meet bill paying customers.

The failed attempt to re-connect Inis Oir and Inis Meain in 2016 through first delivering a generator without a matching transformer illustrates how inept and bungling the ESB are in these modern times.

Inept and bungling is not acceptable in 2023.

Lettermore, Co Galway, where one ESB operative threatened to come out and failed twice to do so in order to explain the 102 power outages in Gleann Trasna, Lettermore in10 years i.e. 10.2 per year. When the ESB is mentioned in Lettermore everyone laughs. The people would not be overly welcoming to such a visit. The problem is due to 15kw transformers, which are not adequate, and are placed in weather exposed areas, these should be moved to sheltered areas and replaced with 30kw transformers. The current power system designed for small 1970s houses does not work for huge 2023 style haciendas with many power draining appliances. This remedy- 30kw transformers - for Oranmore, Co Galway is working up to the present time.

An ESB pole caught fire, the reporting of which, secured one ESB man and his van, he called for another ESB van with 4 men to cut off the top of the pole, no, they replaced the entire pole, thereby plunging the region into darkness for 6 hours. Such is the life of an ESB repair man, can we afford them?

The power lines are not patrolled, transformers are only replaced when they fail, the ESB linesman is paid €70,000 and is delighted with winter overtime. One linesman - a lackey for network manager Stan - told me September 2, 2023 that he did not turn off my power, fully confirming ESB operatives cannot deal with their customers. Ollie, the ESB, CEO is not media savvy. Is this man worth €318,000 annually €26,500 monthly, €6115 weekly and €841 daily? ESB fails to plan for storms, failing trees should be removed before they fall on power lines!

Deliver me from this fine mess, Stan and Ollie.

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